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For seventy-five years, The Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association (E.A.I.A.) has published informative articles on the history and study of early technologies, industries, crafts, and trades. The Chronicle has become well known for its presentation of original research and ground-breaking articles, written by collectors, students, professional historians, and living history re-enactors. This digital edition contains volume 1 (1933) through volume 60 (2007) in searchable Adobe PDF files. 2009.

Order Number: AP-EAIA6X.............$35.00

The Directory of American Toolmakers is the largest single source of information on North American toolmakers ever compiled and it is now updated and available on CD. The heart of the directory is its main list which includes over 14,000 maker's names, the geographic location of the maker as well as the work location(s) (when available), the working years of the maker, the tool types are separated into 73 categories, and description of the marks on the tools.

Searchable CD-ROM, 2007
Order Number: AP-EAIA51.............$30.00

One of the most important parts of a serious tool collector's collection is the written material used to research and learn about the artifacts they accumulate. In 2003, for the Annual Meeting of the Early American Industries Association, 14 articles by Paul Kebabian on a variety of tools, toolmakers and early trades were published as this collection. Kebabian, a librarian by vocation, has had many of his writings on tools and
toolmakers appear in newsletters and journals such as ACTIVE, Scrapbooks, and The Chronicle.

32 pages, Paperback, B&W, 8.5" x 11", 2003
Order Number: AP6286.............$7.95

The Fascinating World of Early Tools and Trades

The Fascinating World of Early Tools & Trades: Selections from The Chronicle contains fifty-five informative articles on early tools and trades, selected from several thousand published in the journal of the Early American Industries Association over the past 60 years. Some written by experts, others the first hand accounts of early craftsmen, pioneers, and travelers, they cover a wide variety of subjects.

407 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 9" x 9", 1991
Order Number: AP00X..............$24.95

A Pattern Book of Tools and Household Goods

Pattern Book of Tools and Household Goods is a beautifully crafted reprod-uction of a pattern book probably issued by W. & C. Wynn of Birmingham about 1820. It contains 83 plates of tools, including 9 fold out plates, all at full size. The plates depict hundreds of tools, household goods including tools for the kitchen, corkscrews, garden tools, watch and clock tools, coopers' tools, shoemakers' tools, gun tools and personal accessories like key rings and fingernail clippers.

90 pages, Paperback, B&W, 9" x 15", 2006
Order Number: AP-EAIA43..............$50.00

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