Complete Metalsmith - Tim McCreight
Since it publication in 1982, Complete Metalsmith has become the standard reference
for jewelers and metalsmiths. It was revised and enlarged in the early 90s and now,
a decade later has been enlarged and improved again!

Student Edition
This edition is perfect for hobbyists, students,
and others who are just getting started in metal-working. It gives them what they need to know, without getting bogged down in too many details.

160 pages, Hardcover, Full Color, 5" x 8", 2004
Order Number: CB2469...........$20.00

Professional Edition
Twice as large as the student edition, this book covers the same material but goes into greater depth with three additional chapters. A ridged fabric cover and elastic band make this a place to store sketches and notes.
312 pages, Hardcover, Full Color, 8.5" x 9.5", © 2004
Order Number: CB2470..........$40.00


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