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Record Tools
A Reprint of Catalogue No. 15 of 1938
With A Guide for Plane Collectors

Introduction by Leslie Harrison

This is a reprint of the complete 1938 Catalogue No 15 of Record Tools together with an introduction detailing the complete history of the company and its products from its founding by the Hampton Brothers in 1898 through the acquisition of the Preston List in the early 1930s to the present day Record Tools.


The introduction by Leslie Harrison concentrates on the planes Record produced from 1931 onwards and includes the acquisition of planes formerly made by Edward Preston; and it contains details of all planes advertised and produced since 1938. This No 15 Catalogue was the most comprehensive and representative of the Record line of tools ever produced. The lists and catalogues since then have been largely updates. This volume is printed on high-quality gloss paper and includes illustrations of the tools and parts throughout the text. Appropriate patent documents are included. The catalogue is divided into six sections: Planes and Spoke Shaves; Hand & Breast Drills; Vices for Metal and Wood; Pipe Vices, Wrenches, & Cutters; Bolt Clippers, and Cramps.

Leslie Harrison has been collecting and researching Record planes for years. He has a definitive collection of them and is acknowledged as an authority. He has had full cooperation in this study from Record Tools and the Hawley Collection Trust at Sheffield University. Hundreds of B&W images

176 pages, Paperback, B&W, 8.5" x 11", 2003
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